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It's called 'eating' - the Times today

Here is a link to a good, but depressing article today in The Times regarding corruption in Kenya today - Entitled 'It's called 'eating'. But bribery is devouring the heart of Kenya' by Michela Wrong:
(thanks mum in law for the tip off!)
Lets hope she is being overly pessimistic in order to sell books and that her prophecies of doom for Kenya do not come to fruition. Sigh.

Her book 'It's our turn to eat. The story of a Kenyan Whistleblower' is being published through extracts in Kenya's Daily Nation newspaper.

Today Agriculture Minister William Ruto publically wriggled out of having any involvement in or responsibility for the maize scandal. The 'motion to censure' him was only supported by 22 mps, so has not been passed. I find this depressing. In addition, Parliament has been given two more months (til May) to work on the possibility of holding a local tribunal, or find a third option other than The Hague, to try those named in the Waki Report as guilty of inciting post election violence.

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