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Unseasonal rain

The fact that it rained heavily on Monday night made the hourly radio news - sandwiched between the food/maize crisis and the teacher's strike that has been continuing for more than a week. The rain was very welcome 'but not due to last' the newscaster warned. He also said that the downpour was only taking place in and around Nairobi - not countrywide. (i.e. drought continues elsewhere).

Our city council water supply has dried up completely over the past couple of weeks, so we have been buying trucks/water bowsers from a neighbour who has a borehole. It's the same situation pretty much all over town. Others are compelled to buy small containers of water from those who have boreholes and ferry them back to their homes. However, it rained again heavily last night and you can almost hear the garden breathing a sigh of relief.

My husband and I are figuring out (for the millionth time) how best to do some effective rain water harvesting. Let's hope we come to a decision this time, watching rain fall with nothing saved is nothing short of a tragedy.

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