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Obama Day again...

Everybody is so excited about Barack Obama's swearing in today. Two bulls have already been slaughtered in Kogelo village. Somebody even suggested another national holiday tomorrow as Kenyans will be so tired from celebrating and staying up late tonight to watch the ceremony on tv. Lets hope that common sense prevails.

Having said that, it is such a momentous time. The Kiss FM radio presenter today said;
'people think we are kidding ourselves about Obama saying that he's not coming to help Kenya, but that is not the point, we are not stupid! We know he is not coming here, but what he is doing is giving us all hope.'

I keep feeling like I need to pinch myself. I keep getting goose bumps. My worst fear is that Obama will be assasinated or some horrendous tragedy will befall him making him into a sainted icon of what could have been. I shouldn't be so negative but at the moment there is so much emotion that it seems almost too good to be true. One almost daren't believe that the momentous 'change' that has taken so long in coming will actually take place.

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