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rambling on

I need to say that I am at the beach on holiday, but I don't want to sound smug....
Cicadas shouting,
palm trees swaying,
Indian ocean beckoning.
Top lip sweating
damp bikini
fractious 3 year old on my knee crying - she needs a sleep.
Numerous daily applications of suncream followed by layers of mosquito repellent.

I am vaguely wondering what is happening in Nairobi as we haven't seen a newspaper for a couple of days. The Media Bill, The Waki Report deadline, the price of maize flour? Is that sad? - I have becoming addicted to local news in all it's depressing glory.

I'm also thinking of signing up for an online writing course that promises to teach writers how to make money! It's part of a new years resolution of mine.

Plus, I have been texting all my school run friends to see if they have old bits of furniture, curtains, toys, books for a new American friend who has just set up an orphanage in Nairobi. She has rented a 6 bedroom house and has nothing to fill it. She is incredible. I never thought that she would do it. I wanted to warn her that she would get her fingers burned, it would be very difficult, why not just travel in Kenya as she intended to and just have fun etc. but after 5 months she has very nearly pulled off the impossible. She has a website. Her childrens home is called acacia house. (http://www.acaciahouse.org/)

p.s. we had a small drama last weekend when the glued on chip on the eldest's daughter's tooth fell off again in the swimming pool. Much tears and frustration all round. It was gutting at the time, but now the bit has gone, the dentist coated the top of the remaining tooth with cement and we are all relieved. My daughter is back on the apples much to her disappointment.


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