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Forgetful Tooth fairy

My husband kicked me awake this morning at 5.15am.
'tooth fairy' he rasped.
(in relation to our six year old who lost her second tooth - no relation to the tooth breaking story in previous post.)
Groan. I was in a very deep sleep.
'Shall we leave it?' I said hopefully,
'No' he said. We gently argued the toss for a few moments. The prospect of managing the disappointment of our daughter won over the urge to roll over and forget about it. We also had a bit of banter about whose fault it was that we had forgotten. The usual.
'My handbag is downstairs' I said
'So is my wallet' said my husband.

We got up, switched on the main bedroom light, unlocked the security gates, disarmed the alarm, let the dogs out, stumbled in the darkness (the joys of Nairobi living). My husband scrabbled under our middle daughter's pillow for at least 15 minutes in search of the tiny tooth. Got it.

Back to bed. We then lay awake until dawn but pretended to be asleep.

'I never went back to sleep' I said,
'well that's a funny kind of wide awake snoring you were doing' said my husband.

In the meantime, the christmas tree is up and decorated, half the xmas presents bought (had mixed success at the xmas craft fair dodging moody stall holders who were complaining about their displays being knocked over and odd bits going missing) but still in search of wrapping paper...

My husband has had a bacterial stomach infection for 5 days. It has taken ages to diagnose. A few of my good friends have had the same. Even I have been feeling a bit dicky in sympathy,
'At least we don't have coughs and colds all the time' my husband said pale faced and rather heroically in the circumstances.
'Yes, but you at least you don't have to do a stool test to work out what's wrong with you for a cough or a cold either.' I countered.
'Hmm' he agreed silently.

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