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Waki Report - debate rages on

Politicians are still shifting position on the contraversial Waki Report, which is a document compiled by Waki and his committee that has dared to point the finger directly at certain politicians, officials and businessmen for masterminding the post election violence that raged throughout Kenya in January. Kofi Annan still holds the 'envelope' containing the names of those perpetrators. People are obviously sweating.

Almost every politician has changed their stance on the 'implimentation' of the report at least once. Kiss FM Radio djs were joking earlier this week,
'send them to the Hague - the Hague says that they are ready for them!' They then read a list of names of Kenyans currently awaiting or in the midst of trails over there stating the date they arrived and the fact that there is no date set for their return.
'I think these politicians are realising that if they have to go to the Hague they will probably never come back'.

The public would like to see the implimentation of the Waki Report 'in toto', because this would for once and for all quash the culture of impunity for those wealthy Kenyans who always seem to slip the net and walk away from grand scale corruption scott free. Yesterday I saw a pick up truck whose windscreen was emblazoned with the word 'WAKI'. Watch this space.


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