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I have a slightly nagging/guilty conscience about complaining so bitterly last month for being short of water here in Nairobi. Every time I speak to my parents on the phone they ask most concerned, 'have you got any water?' and I say,
'Oh yeah,' rather vaguely, 'hmm, water - no that's not a problem any more. It's fine actually.'

The fact is that having worried and wished for rain it is now bucketing down in Nairobi and has been for quite some time. It rains heavily each night and often in the day time. I feel as terrible as can be about the poor nightwatchmen who have to stay awake all night in horrible conditions. I've been out to restock supplies of umbrellas and wellies for everybody.

The roads are extra chaotic thanks to fresh potholes, slippery mud on the tarmac and numerous unconventional short cuts where bus drivers (and others) create new lanes on all available verges. Accidents on every corner bring traffic to a standstill. Rush hour is crazy.

We have plenty of water, the drains are saturated, I should be planting shrubs and trees in the garden now as it is wet, wet, wet. Weddings, childrens parties, christenings and birthday celebrations are (shock horror) having to be organised indoors or under cover as sunshine cannot be guaranteed for a while. It's all wet dogs, red mud and standing water.

It is rainy season (the short rains), no doubt about it.

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