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Akon - Konvict Music

Watching Akon in a music video on MTV last night made me realise that I have met his double in Nairobi - honestly, and I'm not just being stupid. It's the kind man who works at my daughters' kindergarten and is often there to open the gate as we arrive. (he asked me yesterday if I knew of a job for his brother/son - I forget which).

Kenyans pretend they don't like Akon because he said he would come and play live in concert in Nairobi last year, the tickets were sold out - but then he changed his mind and didn't come. Everyone here was gutted. Kiss FM still play his songs 24/7 but always say before hand 'we're not sure we really like this guy'. My daughters call him 'Acorn'. He's shot into such super stardom levels now, releasing 'collabos' with Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, that it's pretty clear he will never come to Kenya now, so won't get a chance to redeem himself.

We are off to Dar es Salaam to stay with friends for half term (poor them - five more mouths to feed!) - but we are so excited. I can't wait because we lived in Dar for 4 years and I haven't been back for five, so can't wait for old memories to come flooding back and to see loads of changes and say boringly , 'when we lived here......x y z'

will try to keep up the blogging, but can't promise for the next few days...

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