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Rain, rain everywhere but not a drop in the tank!

I have to admit that after all that whining about drought, it’s now raining, absolutely pouring, bucketing down. We have had no power all afternoon and evening (‘til now). Over the past week we’ve had a couple of showers but today the heavens opened as only they can in Africa. People were drenched in Nairobi this afternoon, rolling up trouser legs and wading along roadside verges that in minutes turned to fast flowing rivers. They sheltered, huddled in petrol stations or where ever it was possible to shelter. The road traffic almost ground to a halt. I saw a smartly dressed lady in a business suit scramble out of the boot of a saloon car with her two children, evidently having accepted an emergency lift to the nearest bus stop. Flimsy parasols that in the sunshine once looked jaunty shading roadside fruit stalls in a row along Ngong Road, today looked tattered and torn in the downpour. School children got soaked walking home today because this morning no one had thought to bring wellies and coats 'just in case'. At my daughter’s school in town there were actually hail stones falling, however, once out in the weather and on close inspection through busy windscreen wipers, no one seemed to look in the least bit miserable about the situation. Quite the reverse in fact. By way of explanation I heard Gladys, who works in our house scolding my eldest this evening for saying, ‘I hate the rain.’ ‘Never say that!’ She said. ‘Rain is a blessing!’

Still no sign of any water trickling in from City Council though, and all I could think of as I gazed at the sheeting torrents was, ‘we really should be catching this for our water tank but after five and a half years we are still too badly organised.’ The good news is that the water table in the area should be rising so the boreholes will be replenished a little. Let’s hope that the dams for Nairobi’s water supply are also filling and this will be the end of our mini water crisis. Let's hope for lots more rain (but it would be nice if it fell only and night and not during rush hour or while out doing school runs if possible...).

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