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Depressing Kenya news headlines..

'Transparency International' have compiled a list of 180 of the most corrupt countries in the world. Sadly Kenya ranks 147 having been given a measly rating of 2.1 out of 10 in a sliding scale and shares a position with Syria and Bangladesh.

This is particularly disappointing as, since Moi's era Kenya is supposed to have been making a concerted effort to stamp out corruption setting up committees etc. but in fact the problem continues to get worse. Corruption is so ingrained in this society that everybody is guilty. 'Graft' or gaining money through corruption seems to be easy pickings and many are obviously tempted to abuse their positions of power, especially as there is no welfare system to help with unemployment, schooling and medical care.

Another depressing investigation into police killings of Mungiki suspects has revealed that over three hundred have been murdered or are missing. Initially the police shot Mungiki but later changed tactic using strangulation, drowning and torture to make it look like rival gangs were responsible. I know that the Mungiki gangs threaten Kenyan society, I guess they can be likened to the Mafia as they too murder, racketeer and terrorise, but police murdering members without apparent recourse is not the answer (many of them are male youths) as in spite of all these killings Mungiki still exist.

The good news is that our middle daughter has learned to ride her bike and is thrilled to bits with herself! Our laid back parenting tactic was to wait until she is practically a teenager and then wait until she teaches herself, which has worked a treat and cut down a lot of the stress, coaxing, bribing and back breaking bending down, holding the bicycle handlebars while trotting along beside that is normally involved.

The funny news is that I rented a dvd from our friendly pirate dvd hire shop (only £1 to take out a movie), but this time chose a TV series rather than a film, that way you can break it down into manageable bites and it lasts longer. On sunday night, feeling a little jaded, my husband and I sat down to try out the first three episodes of the first season of 'The Wire' an American cop show with lots of swearing and a fairly complex plot line. After an hour of concentrating hard we turned in that night very confused - characters were being thrown in all over the place and dead bodies turning up here and there, but we put it down to being tired. The next night we discovered we had sat through the whole of episode no. 2, not number 1, so had an evening of starting again, this time at the beginning, and saying 'OH right, now I see what's happening?!?' Duh.

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