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Slow internet connection - sorry!

Receiving comments is always a joy and I just wanted to take a moment to explain why sometimes I am slow or do not respond to them - it's because of my damn internet connection! Also, my computer is also very slow. I switch it on, put in my password then go and take a shower or do some cooking, as sitting and watching the thing boot up is like pulling out my finger nails. I can't really justify getting a new/faster computer, as otherwise it works perfectly well and I am not earning any money of my own so feel foolish upgrading on the basis of blogging only.

To get online at home here in Nairobi means using a phone connection, either with the landline or a mobile phone. This means it all goes at a snails pace. To open the 'comments' page take hours and often I write something in and press publish only to get the 'this page is not available' message. To load a photo on the blog takes a morning. Often the power goes off while writing and for the past year or two I have been managing without a UPS to beep at me to tell me the power has gone - plus my computer only survives on battery power for two minutes, so I often lose pages of ramblings. Tonight I have been trying to reply to comments and have managed two in an hour as my husband mumbles words like 'starving' and 'supper?' in the background. Flicking around internet pages send the machine into a sulk and the whole thing hangs.

Yesterday my husband received a very sassy party invitation for the upcoming launch of 'broadband at home'! the invitation itself doubles as a fridge magnet and it says things like 'Party of the year!' and 'dress to impress!'. Now, I'm not very sure about the party, or if it will ever reach my suburb, but the promise of little individuals like me finally getting broadband at home sends me into shivers of delight. For now, many apologies for coming across as an arrogant blogger who never writes back.

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