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Culture shock

Just forgot to add a couple more impressions from our England visit:

1. Horrendous rise in UK knife crime - big 'NO to KNIVES' campaigns and police patrolling the streets in stab jackets.

2. 'Would you like a bag?' - all cashiers in UK ask you if you would like to take a bag at the checkout. This cleverly makes you think twice. Sometimes you haven't thought ahead and have to say 'yes' to a poisoned plastic bag. One response was 'that will be 10p'. I said, then I will do my damnedest to fit everything in one skinny, small guage bag, to which the lady at the till said 'Once I've charged you 10p you can take as many bags as you like.' ?!?

Having said all that, we had a fabulous holiday and coming back to Nairobi has been hard. It's grey, cold and damp feeling - but it hasn't rained here for weeks, which is a worry as water suppiles are low. On my first trip to the shops with the kids I was beset by hawkers who first try to sell you something, then try to get money by spinning you a long yarn. They are persistant. When you make a cup of tea, it tastes strange. There's little convenience food. It all seems like hard work in contrast to a UK summer - but deep down, I know we saw the best of England and on balance, we are pretty lucky here in Africa.

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