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Rain Rain Go Away

It's great to be home. Spoiled to death and eating far too much. Sleeping in and vegging out. Kenya seems not just thousands but millions of miles away and leaving for a while gives it all a new perspective. However, I am just hoping against hope that this rainy English weather will let up for long enough for us to enjoy those long summer evenings and sunny days in the garden that we have been dreaming of! After nine and a half years of living in Africa, in spite of coming home annually, you always forget the English drizzle that seemlessly crosses from season to season, washing everything outside into various shades of grey.

We don't really mind, because the novelty of being in England again is still wonderful... it's just that we are heading to the seaside soon and were hoping to get out the bucket and spade! Oh well, at least this year I remembered to pack the raincoats!

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