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Mass Exodus... again


Off to England tomorrow - very excited. I am in the midst of the worst part - packing suitcases. After years of practise I still can't get it right. I always put in too much, or too little. Last year we stood on a small quayside in Cornwall fishing for crabs in driving, relentless rain with not a waterproof between us. Lets hope for some sun this time!

Many expats go on home leave as soon as the final school term in the academic year is finished, sometimes for the entire two months. We are off for a few weeks. I'll enjoy blogging about the various little things at home that have changed over twelve months, leaving the expat feeling like a stranger in their own country. I am sure we will notice the rise in cost of food, fuel etc. etc. but having experienced 20% inflation in Kenya since the recent election, it may not come as much of a surprise.

Wish me luck with long haul flying alone with three kids!

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