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Mugabe's landslide victory

Promise not to get too political, but the way that Mugabe swore himself into office following his self professed 'landslide' election victory was more than eerily familiar. Monday's Nation newspaper reported:
'Mr Mugabe was quickly sworn in for a new five year term in a ceremony on the lawns of state house, with a military band, marching honour guard and judges in red robes and white wigs. Security cheiefs queued up to swear allegiance.'
TV footage of Kibaki's hurried swearing in at the end of December '07 spring to mind.

The fact that Moses Wetangula, Foreign Affairs Minister yesterday suggested to the African Union, now in talks in Sharm El Sheik, that Kenya (taking it's queue from recent experience) could help mediate in a solution that involved Mugabe and Tsvangirai entering into a coalition government, is sadly laughable. It seems that Mugabe has been quick to emulate Kenya in the speediness of his swearing in, but having gone so far down the road of violence and intimidation to win votes, will hardly be sympathetic to Wetangula's suggestions.

The following article entitled;
'All hope gone as chances of change disappear under dictator's massive grip'
is perhaps more realistic

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