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Food miles.... again

In spite of risking boring readers stupid, I have decided to smugly quote at length from a tiny news clipping dated 22nd May taken from the UK Daily Telegraph (that my mum kindly sent me) that is entitled:

'End Food Miles Hypocisy, retailers told' by Harry Wallop, Consumer Affairs Correspondent

'The food miles myth has been debunked in a new report which warns consumers they could be doing more harm to the environment than good by shunning air-freighted goods.
The report by the Food Ethics Council also says supermarkets should stop being 'carbon hypocrites' about their ethical policies. If too much air-freighted food is banned from the shelves of UK supermarkets, then of thousands of livelihoods could be wiped out in Africa it says.
The think-tank points out that air-freighted food is far less damaging to the environment than home-grown meat and dairy produce, because of the intensive and energy consuming nature of much of British farming and calls on supermarkets to end 'carbon hypocrisy'.
The report does not name any individual grocery chains. However, both Tesco and Marks & Spencer have put stickers of an aeroplane on food that has been flown into the UK.'

My friend in UK emailed me to say that these days with possible recession looming and the credit crunch, the majority of British shoppers are looking for best value for money and a good quality product. Chosing to buy 'local' and therefore pay more is really only the preserve of the wealthy and unrealistic for most, so there shouldn't be too much danger of air-freighted products being boycotted on any great scale. However, it's great news that the 'Food Ethics Council' has spoken out and I feel a little vindicated in my boring old argument persuade you all to; 'BUY KENYAN!' Shame it wasn't front page news..

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