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Social Stereotype - the 21st Century expatriates in Kenya

Nick and Samantha decided to quit the rat race and join the statistic of 5.5 million Brits currently living overseas. They relocated to Kenya on a corporate overseas posting two years ago and have enjoyed every minute of their life in Nairobi punctuated by frequent exciting safaris and playing host to many ‘green with envy’ friends on holiday from Blighty.

Samantha is often found mid morning greeting fellow expat housewives whilst grabbing a skinny latte after her supermarket stock up. She is delighted with the fact that it’s now possible to buy Italian shoes and quality new clothes from stores with recognisable high street names. She regularly works out at the gym and is thrilled that the children love their outdoor life and have settled into school beautifully. They have even taken to running around shopping centres with no shoes on, in spite of their mother’s protestations.

Now that Nick is nearing the end of his allotted contract and his employers are muttering about long term strategy, he is privately considering becoming self employed in order to stay on in Kenya. Property development could be an option, or perhaps consultancy work? It would be such an enormous wrench to leave now that the family are happy, the economy is buoyant and the memories of their days living in ‘Nappy Valley’ on the outskirts of London still send cold shivers down his spine.

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