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The Beach


We jumped in the car and drove for eight hours from Nairobi non stop to get to the beach. It was an almost spur of the moment decision to come. We endured it because it's always worth it when you arrive at the Indian Ocean, albeit absolutely knackered.

Now we are wearing the tell tale 'all inclusive' hotel wristbands and sitting under a whirring fan at a huge breakfast buffet with sweaty top lips, staring unashamedly and with interest at our fellow guests. Sounds awful but everyone is happy. I've already finished my book and the children are loving the independance of ordering free lurid coloured drinks and spending endless hours wallowing in the pool or collecting things on the beach. There's even a kids club with a very persuasive organiser. We let the blasting music from pool aerobics wash over us.

If you can be bothered to escape onto the beach and take a walk, it's almost deserted as other hotels have already closed for the rainy season - only it's not actually raining much thank goodness - just the odd morning shower. We're thinking of extending and staying an extra night.

Our eldest daughter woke up in a temper because the tooth fairy failed to visit last night - and it was a front tooth that came out yesterday! Must pull ourselves together!

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