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Feeling almost back to normal

Things are beginning to feel like they are getting back to normal. We desperately hope and are placing all our faith in the fact that the new coalition government will work. At this point, we see no reason why it shouldn’t. Scanning the local newspapers daily is a difficult habit to break and it seems that everything is moving in the right direction, without any significant resistance from other groups.

In a surge of relief and renewed confidence, the value of the shilling has shot back up again. If I had had the wherewithal to play the currency game, I could have made a killing on buying and selling Kenyan shillings within the last couple of months.

It’s good to be able to drive about town without the fear of running into a full scale protest demonstration (OK – I know there was a big Mungiki protest in the Central business district yesterday morning but I wasn’t aware of it at the time). It’s good to be able to make travel plans once again. Who knows, we might actually get ourselves together enough to get out of Nairobi at Easter for the first time since the December election?!? A change of scene would be very welcome.

There is also finally a chance to reflect how dreadful the last months have been. That ever present sickening feeling of uncertainty has finally dissipated and we are optimistic for the future once again. The mood is that a better, stronger Kenya has now emerged out of the ashes and economically there will be no stopping the country now (picking up all the million broken pieces notwithstanding).

P.s. I hope we manage to raise lots of money for the Kenya Red Cross tomorrow in our school charity craft/cake sale, to go towards the fund for Kenyans who are still living in displacement camps since being driven from their homes after the election. I hope a few shoppers pitch up, it doesn’t rain etc. Whatever happens, we shall do our ‘level best’.

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