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Reminder of Key players in Kenya's political crisis

PNU – Party of National Unity (Government)
Head Quarters – Harambee house – the Presidents Office
Leader: Mwai Kibaki (tribe: Kikuyu)

ODM – Orange Democratic Movement (Opposition)
Head Quarters – ‘Orange house’ – I drove past it on Friday and it really is painted a very, very orange colour. Neon is the best way to describe it.
Leader: Raila Odinga (tribe: Luo)

KICC – Kenya International Conference Centre
Head Quarters where the results of the election were tallied and announced to the press.
ECK (Electoral Commission of Kenya)
Violence broke out even before final results were announced as frustrated Kenyans waited four days for votes to be counted and a winner announced.

ODM and PNU strongholds (ODM = Western Kenya – PNU = Central Kenya also known as ‘Kenya’s bread basket’)

Kalonzo Musyoka – at time of election he was an ‘aspirant’ in the Presidential race leading a separate party called ODM – K. He failed to garner significant votes, but was chosen by Mwai Kibaki to fill the role of Vice President shortly after the election in a move that infuriated ODM.

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