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Quiet weekend

Having scanned the newspapers, it seems that we've had quieter weekend thank goodness, in spite of the ongoing Raila/Kibaki media mud slinging contest, which must be driving Kofi Annan to absolute distraction during his heroic peace mission! Today is another day of important negotiations between government and the opposition. Teams from both sides agreed on a way forward to tackle the violence and humanitarian crisis in Kenya last week, but today they begin on the thorny issue of trying to find a solution to the problem of the flawed election.

My life felt pretty back to normal on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday morning I was at a kids birthday party, which felt the same only, rather unusually, we mums were discussing Kenyan politics/economics, rather than closer to home neighbourhood social politics.

At home, we've been working our way through a huge cake that we bought at the friday afternoon school cake sale, which was staged to raise money for the Kenya Red Cross. The peanut butter cookies that I made turned out OK, but my friend warned me to label them clearly for the benefit of those with nut allergies - I was delighted that my biscuits sold quickly, nuts notwithstanding.

There is nothing worse than slaving over a cake that nobody wants to buy. It sits mournfully on the table for hours as you watch, wait and wonder if you are actually going to stoop to the depths of buying your own cake, in order to save face. I speak from experience because once before I pushed the boat out, making a chocolate cake 'a la Nigella' with real raspberries and cream filling and no body bought it until one of the teaching staff stepped in at the eleventh hour. With that in mind I told my friend from the outset that I would generously/selflessly buy the cake that she had made (secure in the knowledge that her cakes are always delicious). However, it was not until later when she loudly informed me of the rather surprising cost of the cake, right in front of the school headmistress. Feeling faint and cornered, I had to feign nonchalance and pull out my wallet muttering:
'well, it's all for a good cause'.
I think that the Parents Association raised quite a lot of money all in all and the sale was a rip roaring success - and it was for a very good cause.

On Saturday I began the task of creating of an Egyptian costume for a rather fussy seven year old girl who has her own strong opinions on how it must look:
'I have told my teacher that I'm going to be an Egyptian princess'
- a pauper really would have been far easier!

Meanwhile, after weeks of preparation, my husband was in 'petrol head' heaven all day on Sunday 'buggy' racing at Jamhuri Park, which, only weeks ago was home to thousands of displaced Kenyans who have since been 'moved on'. Some have returned home where possible, others are now camping elsewhere. His Saturday was spent fine tuning the buggy and getting oily hands while I had to quick unpick the embroidered name off his ebay purchased second hand rally firesuit.

On Sunday, I spent the day rooting out understanding friends with my three daughters in tow after making a decision not to eat dust in the scorching sun at the buggy racing track. We wound up having a lovely day visiting friends, lapping up their hospitality with relish, messing up all their toys and dirtying their kitchens.

We now take a collective deep breath and hope that this week passes with a fewer tragedies and dramas while Kenya continues down the 'road to peace'.

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