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Buy Kenyan produce v. dodgy 'local'

I received a very funny ‘food miles’ related email from a friend in England who said:
‘I have been following your blog and am delighted by your buy Kenyan campaign. I seek out Kenyan things at the supermarket, which is such a relief as the local products are always so dodgy and old looking that it is nice to have an excuse not to buy them!’

How refreshing!

Talking of food, I just received a text message from our former night watchman with HIV who lives in Kibera:
‘Good afternoon? We are ok, we managed to get food from Moi foundation again (the last lot was looted from their home in the post election troubles). We also acknowledge your constant support. Safe drive all day.’

That last bit reminds me of the time he waggled his finger at me for chatting on my phone as we pulled out of our gate at home one day.

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