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Update on Kibera slum today.

Just had a quick work with our former night watchman who lives in Kibera slum. He said 'we have been living with the sounds of gunfire every day since we last spoke.
I asked if he had managed to get any food or aid from the Kenya Red Cross - he said;
'we got one bag of rice but it's very difficult, there are just too many people scrambling.'
I asked if there were any kiosks or shops (dukas) now open in Kibera. He said they were almost all destroyed or burnt and the one or two that are now open are selling at very high prices (i.e. 50 shillings for a loaf of bread v. 30 shillings normal price).
I asked if he has managed to get his anti retroviral drugs from the HIV clinic. 'Yes' he confirmed that he had drugs but they gave out enough for only two weeks rather than the usual two months, due to lack of supplies.
We agreed to stay in touch.

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