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Trying hard to get back to normal...

There is an atmosphere of treading on eggshells at the shops today as everyone does their best to go about their daily business, but in spite of being fearful, people are really showing their resilience and trying to have a ‘normal’ day. The shelves are well stocked, which indicates an incredible ‘behind the scenes’ push to get goods in. The butcher got meat from Nanyuki this morning. The shop owner said; ‘it was not easy, but they managed to get here’.

Our children were due to be back at school on 9th January but this date has now been put back to 14th in the hopes that things will be more settled by then.

The Red Cross are working tirelessly to try to meet the needs of displaced Kenyan families who are now camping in Nairobi and sleeping on the grass having been left homeless. Many Kenyan individuals and businesses are donating food, clothes and bedding to the Red Cross who are taking donations directly to troubled areas. They have had an overwhelming response and are struggling to cope with the volume of donations.

We have been feeling pretty sick for a few days now, waking up with a heavy feeling every day. My husband says the feeling has been a bit like waiting for exam results. It’s difficult to drop off to sleep at night – but, in the spirit of ‘getting back to normal’ we have decided to go out and meet friends at a restaurant tonight…. all being well…

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