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No Progress


There seems to be zero progress on the political front as Kenyan political leaders continue their posturing and posing whilst willing outside mediators draw a blank. I hope that the 'further protest demonstrations' threatened to be staged by ODM following this impasse lack the high level of emotion and huge following that they did immediately after the catastrophic election.

PNU and ODM are still more concerned about playing the blame game, batting accusations of inciting violence and standing in the way of a peaceful agreement from one to the other.

Meanwhile, the huge pile of Red Cross donations waiting outside my local Nakumatt supermarket waiting to be transported to needy displaced people is a testament to how the majority of Kenyans feel about the desperate situation that has been created. I noted that the Red Cross are appealing in the local paper for the help of trucking firms and transporters to help take the donations to where they are most needed as they are increasingly inundated.

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