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Hoping for the storm cloud to pass over

On December 29th I published a post that mentioned a jubilant text sent from a friend’s gardener, who had gone home to Kakamega near Eldoret in Western Kenya, to cast his vote.
‘Hi Sir, I have just employ a new president and the only problem I have is that I haven’t found the bus to Nairobi. So I’ll see you on Monday morning!’

He returned a couple of days ago and reported to work looking utterly defeated. When asked by my friend how things were at home, he choked up with emotion over the terrible things he had seen, but said that he could not begin to describe it to her. Even now he will not, or cannot discuss the subject and is attempting to carry out his work as normal; whilst back home his community has been torn to pieces over only a few days.

There is a threatening cloud over Nairobi now, which seems to symbolise the unresolved political situation. We are almost convinced that it will drift on overhead and leave us in peace, but also fear that there is a possibility of a full blown storm breaking which could engulf us all once again. Thank goodness for the arrival of International mediators and for the fact that so many eyes are trained on this situation, thus applying pressure to the political leaders make sure of a satisfactory and ‘fair’ eventual outcome. If there is a re run of the election, I'm not sure that so many Kenyans will have the heart to turn out and vote again.

Meanwhile, Kenya is on the verge of a humanitarian disaster and the Red Cross are working flat out to ferry supplies to displaced people who fled the post election fighting. Some wives in our area have organised a collection of children’s food, clothes, books, pens to take down to Kibera slum this week.

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