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Dialogue and Deaths continue in Kenya


Apologies for not writing many posts lately – my computer (and phone) suddenly conspired not to give me access to the internet, so the former is currently in the hands of an expert. I try to snatch my husband’s laptop when he brings it home from work and we usually have a little tussle over it.

Re: Dialogue in Kenya – it is ongoing and we are waiting impatiently for an agreement to be reached.

Kofi Annan visited worst hit areas of Kenya today visiting those displaced in Eldoret, flying over Molo district and lastly Nakuru, which has been experiencing a wave of violence over the last 24 hours, with many more people dead. He expressed 'shock at the extent of the destruction' and (to quote the BBC News online) said: ‘Conflict may have been triggered by the disputed elections but has turned into ‘something else’.’

There are reports of pockets of violence in Naivasha today. All this in spite of the fact that we saw Kibaki and Raila Odinga shaking hands on television on Thursday evening as they expressed their intention to find peace for Kenya soon and a lasting resolution to the crisis.

It seems that the beast that has now been irrecoverably unleashed is now firmly out of control. Still, unbelievably, more thousands of Kenyans are leaving their homes due to the ongoing violence. The numbers of those displaced are causing chaos for the aid organisations.

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