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Crisis over mass demonstration averted for now

The situation has been diffused, for now. Well done for Desmond Tutu coming to Kenya today, even though he wasn’t invited!! He deserves all the accolades he has behind his name. Shame that the African Union leader John Kufuour was put off coming today by Kibaki, perhaps he should have insisted.

Thousands of people did turn out for the mass demonstration and the atmosphere was electric with many towns and cities in Kenya disrupted and business closed for yet another day. However, protestors were repelled by police in gaining access to Uhuru Park in the centre of town.

Following extensive talks with Desmond Tutu Raila Odinga and a show of effort to get to Uhuru Park, he has now asked that his supporters go home and wait, he has also agreed to speak with PNU leaders with the help of a mediator. Everyone is now waiting for Ks silence to be broken. On the outskirts of Nairobi people came out of their homes at 2pm to re open shops and businesses, looking visibly relieved with some hope restored of an end to this violence.

As things came to a head this morning, we were joking with our expat friends about making a dash to the Tanzanian border with as much tinned food as we can carry! Now we just need Kibaki to show his face and meet the people half way by admitting that the election was indeed flawed as the ECK chairman Kivuitu admitted. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.

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