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Mass Exodus - leaving the UK behind

Just read in an old Times Review (Nov 18th) that: '400,000 British citizens went to live overseas last year. More than half of them have settled in Australia and New Zealand (32%) or France and Spain (24%):

'An exodus on this scale, amounts to one British citizen leaving the country every three minutes'

'It's much easier to get out of bed when it's 25c' said Matt an IT consultant who left Banbury in Oxfordshire for Brisbane, Australia.'

Quite often people back home want to know exactly what it's like to leave UK and how it is to live overseas. That's kind of an unquantifiable question - but I guess the answer might be:

It's harder than you think, but you often don't realise that at the time because everything is new, exciting and you are fully committed to making a success of the experience once you have made the momentous decision to go. Only when you are settled into your new life, is it possible to look back on the comparative struggle you've been through but whatever the outcome, you'll have learned a lot and broadened your horizons enormously.

Mental note: remember the cup is half full, not half empty?!?

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