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coffee morning interesting info.

Today over coffee I discovered:
1. if you have a boob job done in Africa (most often South), you have to wear a support bra for three months, including at night, (but apparently this time limit is not the case with all surgeons worldwide). That would explain why the big modest covered up look for ages after returning from the op. when we're all waiting for the big eyefull.
2. The UN/Embassy duty free shop in Nairobi sells cereals, wine, food, nappies and sweets at UK (ie. much lower) prices, but only to official embassy/UN staff and their families. If you have a nice diplomatic friend, they can sneek you in there for a stock up....but I've never been invited sadly...
3. I found out where there's a good local bakery that sells killer chocolate eclairs and pasteries.
And you thought that Nairobi was an unsophisticated African outpost!

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