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Mechanic's clothes

I forgot to mention the mechanic who lost all his possessions in a robbery in the 'ex-staff' update. We scrabbled together a small hold all full of clothes some items were painful to part will. I had great difficulty persuading my husband to part with a particularly expensive 'Hugo Boss' pair of brand new navy trainer shoes which have always been frankly too small because we bought them in a rush on a visit to England and didn't read the 'Euro' shoe size properly. Then I reluctantly handed over a pair of size 30 'Diesel' jeans that sadly have not fitted in the two years since having my last baby in spite of desperate attempts to pour myself into them then suffering stomach cramps as the zip/button was so tight. That was gutting, though to be honest the jeans were actually found at the 'mitumba' markets/second hand, one of my best finds (along with some black knee high, high heeled leather 'Bally' boots). There was also a slightly girly khaki t shirt that I'm not sure if he'll wear and various other items all imbued with history and memories.

Anyway, he popped back a few days later and I asked if the clothes were any use. You can imagine my horror when he said that the jeans were 'too big' and that he might give them to his father?!?! However, at least he was wearing the trainer shoes.

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