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Bashful Warthog

Having sunday lunch at a friend's house in Langata last weekend and we took this clip of a resident warthog (and it's baby) in their garden, who was snuffling sweetcorn from our hands. Find it on YouTube by searching for 'bashful warthog'. It's quite funny.

Am feeling wibbly wobbly about sending our two year old to kindergarten, but in spite of her silly mother, she seems to love it. Last week I picked her up after her first morning and she was full of beans announcing to me that she was off to the wendy house, alone and at a fast toddle, so off she went, but emerged from the little house screaming after only one second. It seemed that one of the big boys inside had pushed her. It was utterly heartbreaking to see her distress. Perhaps I'll only send her one morning a week for now.

A lady in front of me in the supermarket queue was buying long dark hair extensions in a plastic bag and it struck me that she's the first person I've seen buying the stuff although interestingly in all Kenyan supermarket stores an entire aisle is given up to hair pieces and extensions in varying shades of black, brown, red etc. at low, low prices. Something you wouldn't find in a UK Morrisons, Tesco or Asda.

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