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Alone for the morning

This is the first time I’ve been alone in the house for what seems like forever. I can’t remember the last time I was on my own here. I’ve only got about an hour of it left. The kids are at school (this is the one morning that the two year old goes) and what is far stranger is that the two ladies who work in the house are not here either. One is off sick and the other has been given the morning to herself for some well deserved rest (she will be back this afternoon and baby sitting tonight).

It’s so quiet and the house seems huge today but normally can feel a bit cramped. I’ll have to wash up my own coffee cup this morning and I may even stretch to putting a load of washing on…maybe. When my mobile phone rang downstairs and I was in my bedroom, I had to go and find it myself, whereas usually there is a stampede to hand the phone to me before it rings off.

There’s no mopping and sweeping to dodge in bare feet. No bathrooms to avoid while they are being given the once over. No interruptions from the kids. No terrible guilt about switching on the TV or sitting down with a book. The fact that I’m blogging and not worrying about cleaning the house does rather highlight how completely spoiled I am but this little window of solitude is heavenly.

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