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Tree cutting phase 2


The nail biting has continued today, with the biggest tree of the eight being felled. This huge task warranted ten men and TWO chain saws. I’ve been cowering in the house all afternoon, heart in mouth, wondering if someone might get crushed today and I would be piling someone into the car and off to hospital. These guys seemed to have an impossible task of bringing the trees down safely in a small area. Our dogs are furious at having been shut up in the house all day.

I asked Mr W how much we were paying the tree cutters. He said ‘not enough’ (which I thought was generous after the wood shed incident).

Felling the huge tree took the best part of the day and the chain saws were refuelled many times. All came to a thundering crescendo at 5pm. Gladys and I made a big sufria (saucepan) of milky, sugary tea for everyone and jam sandwiches. She was particularly grateful to see the big brute that had ominously been overhanging her house, finally come down;
‘uta lala salama leo’, (You will sleep peacefully tonight!) I said. Gladys laughed.

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