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how to blog?

I have been trying to figure out this blogging business.

Having been outside an office environment for seven years and my computer skills are rusty (at best). I want to find readers but have been flummoxed by blog speak; ‘SEOs, Technoratic, Picasa’. I haven’t mastered event the most basic downloading of photos, or even how to edit my posts once they are published?

Apparently I should take part in discussion forums, create links (how?), use clever titles for my posts, create a Myspace page. What are labels and tags? So far I have only managed to download Statcounter (I think?).

All this and my crackly and very fragile African land line telephone link has been clocking up the minutes and hours. Am not sure I have what it takes, but its time to educate myself out of the housewifely ‘I only know how to email’ dark ages before our next phone bill causes a divorce!

- OOps - I've just worked out labels and editing! the only way is up?!


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