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Grr, children's birthday parties

Grrr. I have overdosed on children’s birthday parties over the past two weeks. We had a brief respite when one daughter thankfully contracted tonsillitis so we managed to wriggle out of a few! (only joking, of course I would rather she had not been ill!) Our running total is about seven or eight in two weeks. Normally I am happy to attend but lately the Mums’ topic of conversation is always the same; ‘schools’.

It’s very difficult not to be drawn into raging debates on whether the massively over popular Karen prep school’s new kindergarten is better than the once massively popular independent kindergarten. Yawn. In a small(ish) community it’s hard to remain unbiased and unfazed when more than 50% of your precious child’s little classmates are de-camping to the most popular school ‘du jour’ and Mums are spending endless hours waxing lyrical over why they think moving schools is best for their child. Holding fast and not bowing to pressure takes nerves of steel?!

We have seen it all before, this is the third time that fickle Karen housewives have jointly switched allegiance to a new kindergarten. The same has applied to restaurants in the area, ‘best’ supermarkets and housing estates. One day an eatery can be buzzing and the next dead as the flock of sheep have trotted off to the next cool night spot, leaving the establishment’s owners bewildered.

OK, we are all guilty of copying one another to some extent and sadly in our little Karen suburb of Nairobi, there aren’t quite enough people to keep all the restaurants, supermarkets and schools busy enough all the time. But let’s make a pact and not thrash out our preferences at children’s tea parties any more? The problem is that with the ever popular ‘Bamboola man’, clowns, face painter, jugglers, puppeteers and army of ayahs entertaining the kids, us Mums just don’t have enough to do but gossip!

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